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Noco Natural


  • Plant and natural ingredients
  • Aromatic, botanical, eco-friendly
  • DIY tool for household pests

Outstanding Performance

  • Super effect for crawling and flying insects
  • Ecological repelling and killing effect
  • Effect against lizards, flies, mites, others pests
  • Suitable for home, commercial and industrial fields


  • 天然植物性成分
  • 芳香,植物性, 生态友好
  • 自己动手的驱虫良伴


  • 驱除飞虫爬虫,效果特好
  • 生态驱虫杀虫效用
  • 控制壁虎(蜥蜴), 苍蝇, 螨虫等害虫
  • 适用于住家, 商业和工业上

Application / 用途:

  • Restaurant, F & B outlet, Hotel, Supermarket, Factory, Office, Home.
  • 餐厅, 餐饮业, 酒店, 超市, 工广, 办公室, 家居.