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The Pest: Flies

The Musca domestica, is known as the Common Housefly. They feed by spitting out saliva on solid foods to predigest it, and then suck it back inside. Flies have a very highly-evolved evasion reaction which helps to ensure their survival. Flies are also among the filthiest insects around, carrying more than 100 known pathogens. Combined with their ability to cover large distances very quickly and their attraction to human food, flies can pose a serious health risk.

The Threat:

The main threat of a Housefly is its ability to carry and transmit serious diseases. Houseflies can carry over 100 pathogens such as typhoid, cholera, salmonella, bacillary dysentery, tuberculosis, anthrax, ophthalmic, parasitic worms, staphylococcus, E. coli and shigella. For businesses – especially those in foodservice, food and beverage processing, and food retail industries – flies are an especially dangerous because every time they land on a food source, they drop off dangerous bacteria that can contaminate food or cause serious illness if ingested. Preventing flies from becoming a problem can require considerations such as from altering your lighting to reviewing your waste management system.

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  • 300 residents flying into a rage

    BATU GAJAH: A village of 300 residents near here is buzzing – not with excitement, but with swarms of flies, throwing off their festive plans for Deepavali.

    Villagers of Kampung Baru Kinta Valley claimed that they had not been able to celebrate Deepavali in peace since a poultry farm was set up nearby about 10 years ago.

    They also claimed that flies started swarming whenever chickens were being transported out of the farm – located some 500m away – every two months.

    Petroleum engineer R. Sarawanan, 26, said since the farm came about, the residents had to endure thousands of flies “gate-crashing” their gatherings.

    Sarawanan, who works in Terengganu, said he could not enjoy his break at home because most of the time, he would be swatting the flies.

    “The flies are my ‘alarm clock’ because at about 5am, I wake up when they start swarming around me.

    “My mother can’t bake Deepavali cookies because we don’t want the delicacies to be ‘coated’ with flies,” he said, admitting that the swarms could also be due to an illegal dumpsite in the area.

    C. Kalayni, 62, who has been staying at the village for over 30 years, said each time the flies came around, she could not cook at home.

    “I am wondering how to prepare Deepavali cookies,” she said.

    Leong Mock Hwa, 69, said he was having sleepless nights due to the flies.

    “I use glue paper to trap the flies but it is not solving the problem,” he said.

    In an immediate response, Tualang Sekah assemblyman Datuk Nolee Ashilin Mohd Radzi got the dumpsite cleaned up.

    She also said two dumpsters would be put in the area by next week, adding that she would bear the costs as the place was outside the council’s operation.

    Nolee said there were two poultry farms in the area. The owner of one of them had been directed to follow guidelines three weeks ago.

    “However, the other farm was only brought to my attention yesterday,” she said.

    source from: The Star Online

  • Residents Of Kampung Alor Batu Plagued By Flies

    KUANTAN: Folks at Kampung Alor Batu, Jabor here, numbering about 1,200, have been plagued by flies which have invaded their village and affecting their day-to-day activities, allegedly stemming from a poultry farm nearby.

    Village Development and Security Committee chairman, Mohd Rosli Yusop, said the problem had dragged on for almost 20 years and houses and eateries were always swarmed by flies, which was really disgusting and affecting people’s health.

    “The situation is getting worse every time the chickens are taken out of the coops for sale because then the coop will be washed and sprayed, causing the insects to fly towards the village.

    “Various measures have been taken by the residents to address the problem, including calling the Health Department to provide advice, checks and giving sprays as well as repellents to eradicate the pests but all are in vain,” he told reporters here Tuesday (Dec 26).

    “The entrepreneurs are still using the old method of breeding in open hen houses. This is in contrast to the latest method in which chicken are reared in closed coops and this will definitely prevent any breeding of insects including flies. We are forced to live in an extremely uncomfortable condition,” Mohd Rosli said.

    A stall owner, Saroddin Sidek, 46, said his income and that of other food traders in the area was affected as customers were disgusted with the ever-present flies at their premises.

    “Who wants to eat amongst thousands of flies in our stalls, food and beverage being served have to be covered to prevent insects from getting in. I have used various insect repellents and methods to get rid of them but they still keep coming back no matter what,” he said.

    A resident, Rahmah Ali, 38, said, “Imagine if there is a feast here, surely the guests who are present, especially the outsiders, are uncomfortable and some of them are worried about getting sick when it comes to savouring the prepared dishes because there are so many flies around”. – Bernama

    source from: The Star Online