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Bed Bugs are a nuisance pest; they are small, tiny (easily hidden in crevices) and ability to survive extreme heat temperature which makes them one of the toughest pests to be eliminated. Bed Bugs live by feeding through other warm blooded animals, which often causes allergy, rashes and sleep deprivation in long run.

Premises which has vast volume of human movement such as Hotel, Airport or Supermarket often is the cause of Bed Bugs transportation from one place to another.

Identification of Bed Bugs Existence

  • Live bed bugs
  • Reddish stain on bed sheets or mattress
  • Eggs and egg shells (approximately 1mm)

How IKARI Control Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs control is a long term monitoring and prevention exercise which every businesses and homeowners have to be responsible for successful Bed Bugs control.

IKARI offers a wide range of Control Methods against Bed Bugs; there is never one method to successfully eliminated Bed Bugs, but Integrated approaches base on site condition and cooperation from clients which makes the Bed Bugs control successfully.

IKARI also have Bed Bugs treatments that are non-pesticidal, which is suitable for people who are sensitive/ allergy against insecticidal treatment.

IKARI has successfully assisted various Hotels, Offices, Residential Households and different sectors in combating continuous Bed Bugs problem.

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