ESONA Baclean 21

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“The most Advance Hand Disinfectant Machine”

Germs can be transmitted in various ways, such as touching dirty hands, through droplets released during a cough or a sneeze, via contaminated surfaces and through contact with a sick person’s body fluid.

It has been studied that 30% of food borne illness is direct result of insufficient personal hygiene.

The normal hand sanitizer disperses liquid or gel form to wash and sanitize hands. But these liquid alone isn’t sufficient to penetrate to difficult reach area such as underneath finger nails. Abusive usage of hand sanitizer may result in rising cost to food manufacturer as well. Normal Hand Sanitizer requires surface contact in order to dispense liquid for sanitation, which results to secondary contamination.

IKARI Baclean 21 is the FIRST ATOMIZED SPRAY Hand Sanitizer and by far the MOST ADVANCE hand disinfectant in the world. It requires no contact for dispersion, it is fully automated with infra-red sensor. IKARI Baclean 21 also has deep penetrating ability, every mist contains 1,000,000,000 particles which may spread throughout the hand. IKARI Baclean 21 is also economical, whereas it only consumes 1ml for each usage.

In a nutshell, IKARI Baclean 21 advantages are:

  1. Economical and Safe
  2. Improve business image
  3. Easy, simple and convenient
  4. Good reputation with customers.

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