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Hand hygiene is the fundamental preventive measure against infectious disease such as cold and flu to spread

by hand contact. Thorough hand washing after using the toilet greatly reduces bacteria growth remove of

potential harmful bacteria from your hands.

Traditional hand hygiene uses soap bar to wash hands, this act may escalate bacteria transmission as the soap

bar is circulate and share among washroom user.

At ESONA, we offer wide range of Hand Soap Services to suit your needs, these solutions comes in various

form of dispenser that effectively reduce the level of cross contamination that occurs.

Features and Benefits of ESONA Hand Soap Services:

  • Deodorize, with our unique formulation enables us to deodorize and eliminate the odor entirely.
  • Disinfect and kills 99.9% of household germs.
  • pH neutral.
  • Easy rinsing.
  • Pleasant fragrance.

The ESONA trained and uniformed service staff shall carry out a discreet service on a routine basis to inspect,

refill or restore units in your premises.

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