• ESONA Nature Fresh Dispenser - 300ml

ESONA Nature Fresh Dispenser - 300ml

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ESONA Nature Fresh scent and purifies your premise and reassure your visitors that your premise

is clean and promotes positive image for your businesses,

  • Reliable and durable mechanism,
  • Comes in numerous fragrance,
  • Essential oil options available,
  • Capable of neutralizing odor and disinfect at the same time,
  • Buyout options available,
  • Deodorize, we do not put in strong fragrances to “mask” the odor, but our unique

             formulation enables us to deodorize and eliminate the odor entirely.

  • Disinfect, kills 99.9% of household germs.
  • Spraying intervals can be programmed
  • Consistence dispersion of fragrance that is delightful and ensure a pleasant effect all day


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