Oil Clean

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  • Natural cleaning ingredient, no aggressive chemical
  • Anti bacterial, chlorine free
  • Oil, dirt, mold and odor remover
  • Less foam, easy rinsing
  • New breakthrough nano-power

Outstanding Performance

  • Fast and powerful in degreasing
  • Deep cleaning and deodorize instantly
  • Multi purpose in kitchen facilities
  • Safe, economical, environmental friendly
  • Note: For stubborn grease and heavy application, allow Oil Clean to stay 30 minutes or longer for deep penetration before brushing/cleaning. Or more rounds of cleaning may be needed to restore the clean standard


  • 天然洗净成分, 无剧烈化料
  • 抗菌, 无氯化物
  • 油,尘,霉和异味去除剂
  • 低泡, 易冲洗
  • 创新奈米功能


  • 迅速强力去油污
  • 深层清洁, 立即除臭
  • 对厨房设备有多功能用途
  • 安全, 经济, 环境友好
  • 如用在顽固油渍和重用途上, Oil Clean需停留30分钟以上, 让它深层渗透后洗涮. 或多次清洗后方能达至清洁标准

Application / 用途:

  • Kitchen, Exhaust Hook, Utensil, Floor, Spillage, Other oily places
  • 厨房, 抽油烟窗, 烹调用具, 地 板, 泄漏液, 其它油迹地方

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