Magic Clean - 5L

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  • Natural cleaning ingredients in formulation
  • Fragrance free, low foam, easy to rinse
  • Multi purpose – cleaner, deodorizer, disinfectant
  • Gentle on skin, eco-friendly
  • New breakthrough nano technology

Outstanding performance

  • Fast and powerful strength in degreasing
  • Clean quickly, deodorize and disinfect effectively
  • Multi-purpose for heavy applications
  • Harmless on hands and environment
  • Economical, safe, biodegradable


  • 无剧烈性化药的超强洗剂
  • 多功能效果-清洗, 除臭, 抗菌
  • 无香精,低泡,易冲洗
  • 温和中性,不伤肌肤
  • 突破性创新纳米科技


  • 清洗除臭, 迅速有效
  • 去油渍污迹, 特强特快
  • 重用途之多功能洗剂
  • 不伤手,不污染环境
  • 经济,安全,生物分解

Application / 用途

  • Hotel, Fast Food Chain, Hospital, Supermarkets, Factory, Garbage bin, Animal waste, Carpet, Laundry, Engine room, Cold room, Freezer
  • Burnt odor, Seafood odor, Abattoir, Pantry, Pet odor,Other unpleasant odors
  • 酒店,餐饮业,医院,超市,工厂,垃圾桶,宠物,洗衣房,机械地带, 冷冻库, 冰箱, 烧伤气味, 海鲜气味,屠场,储藏室,宠物气味,其它不愉快的气味

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