Property Management and Office Buildings

Food Processing Industry / Audited Industry

Food processing industries rely a lot on professional pest control management to ensure the safety of their finished products. Hence, proactive skills are required to manage pest infestation in this demanding industry. IKARI is well-equipped with scientific knowledge and advanced technologies that will fully support you on third-party audits.

We start up by conducting a thorough and comprehensive site inspection in order to identify the underlying pest issues in your facilities. We will then work out a proposal that is customized to your need. In addition to the plan, advanced technologies and green approaches will also be incorporated at resolving or preventing pest issue, application of pesticides-based chemical is always our last resort. Ongoing data-based monitoring and trend analysis reports as well as consistent communication will be adopted to verify and
to improve threshold set.

IKARI is the expert in providing total solutions for AIB, HACCP, ISO 22000, SLA, GMP and many other international certification bodies; we will work together with you to maintain and improve your current results and further enhance your premise’s hygiene and safety for your business and customers.


Property Management and Office Buildings

Pest infestations can leads to costly damage on your facilities besides being a big nuisance to your tenants that might eventually result in economic lose. Hence, a successful pest management is exclusively important to protect your buildings and facilities optimally from pest infestation.

IKARI has developed proven effective solutions for resolving pest issue. Knowing that each facility is unique in terms of its location and structure, we start up by offering a thorough and comprehensive inspection in order to identify the root cause of the pest issue or to foresee hidden potential pest issue. We will then come out with a customized services and products to meet your unique requirements. Apart from pest management, we are also one-stop solution that provides a wide range of services including hygiene services as well as deodorising and disinfection treatment. Since pest control is a progressive measure that protects your premise from being infested, we practise data- based monitoring and regular pest assessment to keep clients updated on pest status at all time.