Retail Stores


In the retail industry, a pest-free premise helps enhancing your business reputation and image by providing a comfortable environment to meet your customers’ need. Successful pest management is essential at safeguarding reputation and sustainability of your business as pest issue can easily go viral via social media nowadays.

IKARI has developed proven effective solutions for resolving pest issue. Knowing that each facility is unique in terms of its location and structure, we start up by offering a thorough and comprehensive inspection in order to identify the root cause of the pest issue or to foresee hidden potential pest issue. We will then come out with a customized services and products to meet your unique requirements. Apart from pest management, we are also one-stop solution that provides a wide range of services including hygiene services as well as equipment such as fly traps. Since pest control is a progressive measure that protects your premise from being infested, we practice data-based monitoring and regular pest assessment to keep clients updated on pest status at all time.
IKARI is able to support the expansion of your stores as we have branches nationwide.